Cactus Flower

Once a year around November/December we witness the sudden appearance of our very own Cactus Flower. It slowly emerges from the flat leaf of an unassuming cactus then springs forth almost overnight with a splash of style that makes me at least feel somewhat insignificant.

It’s superior-to-man show of brilliance lasts only about a week per flower depending on the weather. As one flower withers another rises, all brilliant, until the last one departs not to be repeated until next year.

I attack with my camera from every angle I can think of to record these moments in the garden calendar, trying to make sure to send it around to prove its existence and celebrate my wife’s hard work, because she is the gardener here. I’m a mere male – I just mow the lawn and wonder – I know that if I touch the garden it could be a bad omen for the things that live in it!

One day I sat down in front of our cactus Flower to take another round of shots and a bee floated in, and stayed awhile bathing itself in pollen and displaying superior hovering skills.

The very next day I noticed a blue/white/brown iris and thought I would take a photo the next morning. But it only lasted a single day! When the next one comes out I’ll be ready…