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  • Correcting the past

    Very few of us are picture restorers – it would drive this little artist chicken to distraction without a doubt although I’ve done a few of these preservations/restorations on other artists paintings. I was recently presented with a series of three pen drawings I had made in 1979 on board that has since faded to […]

  • No Property In A View

    The headline is garbage of course. Spewed forth by a NSW Land & Environment case I was party to some decades ago. The ponce who claimed to be “his honour” came to the place in question with an Akubra on his scone (that’s ‘head’, noggin, dome etc for non-Aussies) strolled down our then pretty little […]

  • Wired while fishing

    Art practise is a weird psychological thriller swimming around in your head at least most of the time. I was going to paint a fish on a piece of wood. This happened… I had better thoughts but they were lost in the void between when I made the decision to create my fish and when […]